Thursday, December 2, 2010

RF Online - Launcher

Accretia, with mechanical bodies, can wield Launcher which is of massive destructive power. Since the other two races are incapable of carrying Launcher, and the rebound from the Launcher is too powerful for them to bear, the item is unusable for the other two races. So, Launcher is a unique weapon for Accretian soldier.

*Preparation before using Launcher: Purchase Launcher and Rocket of your choice from weapon merchant, and put the purchased launcher and rocket to primary weapon slot and secondary weapon slot respectively.

*How to use Launcher: Left click on the monster or player you want to attack, then target window will appear. When the target is assigned, left click again or press space bar to fire Rocket and attack

When all the rockets in the primary weapon slot are used up, you will not be able to use the launcher. But if you have the same kind of rockets in your inventory, they will automatically be used.

RF Online - Massive Armor Unit (MAU)

The MAU is a mechanical war machine and can only be piloted by drivers of the Bellato Federation. The two major types of MAU are the Goliath (melee MAU) and Catapult (ranged MAU). While in a MAU, the driver gains the benefits of extremely augmented HP and defense, as well as unique attacks.

To purchase a MAU, visit your nearby "UNIT" vendor and purchase a key from them. To repair a MAU, select "MAU Tuning" at the UNIT vendor. MAUs can be also be upgraded to increase their strength, but for an upgrade to be applied, the driver's UNIT PT must be high enough. Upgrades range from advanced weaponry systems, to better armor, to faster boosters.

To deploy your MAU on the battlefield, simply right click the MAU's key in your inventory. Holding CTRL and left clicking on your deployed MAU will display a list of options, including packing the MAU up. If a MAU is not returned to the player's inventory, the player will have to pay a small towing fee the next time they attempt to deploy it.

MAUs also have their drawbacks, such as:

- The MAU's HP cannot be recovered by potions or other normal means
- Damaged MAUs must be repaired in cities, at the expense of the owner
- MAUs require power and ammunition
- Instead of normal XP gain, the MAU pilot gains UNIT PT only