Monday, July 19, 2010

Granado Espada - Andre Janzur

Andre Janzur is the famous designer on the New World. Andre is a well-rounded fighter that uses the Rapier as his weapon. He can use the personal skill Clothing Design.

Character Stats:

STR - 70
AGI - 60
HP - 70
DEX - 60
INT - 40
CHA - 30

Starting level: 56

Personal Skill: Clothing Design
crafts robes, coats, and all other armors of Andre's design

Armor types: Leather(Fighter), Leather(Scout), Coat(Musketeer), Coat(Wizard), Robe

(based on equipped weapon)

none - Bareknuckle

Rapier - Epee Garde | Sabre Garde

Rapier+Main-gauche - Main-gauche Garde

Rapier+Rapier - Rapiere[expert]

Recruitment Quest:
(Andre's quest is closely linked to Panfilo's.)

Killing Mandradora
Required level: none
1. Talk to Andre to accept the quest.
2. Go to Ferrucio Stone Pit and hunt 5 Mandradoras.
3. Return to Andre.

Secret of the Holy Water
Required level: 12
(defeated Dilos Latemn, as part of pioneering quests from Domingo, the Reboldoeux Public Servant).
1. Talk to Andre
2. Talk to Panfilo. If you have already completed Panfilo's Holy Water quest, you will be able to proceed directly. If you have not started on Panfilo's Holy Water quest, you will receive that quest instead and you will have to complete it before continuing.
3. Return to Andre.

Andre Janzur is Confused!
Required level: 12
1. Talk to Andre to start an instanced mission, defeat Andre to proceed.
2. Talk to Andre again.

Memories of Dilos Latem
Required level: 12
1. Talk to Andre to accept the quest.
2. Go to G4 of Al Queltz Moreza, Arcade and walk near the tomb to trigger an instanced mission involving combat. Within the mission, follow Dilos Lantern and destroy all portals to proceed.
3. Return to Andre.

Andre Janzur in Despair
Required level:
1. Talk to Andre.
2. Talk to Panfilo to start the Pure White Food quest. Get the required items from the following sources:
a. buy Ferrucio Milk from the Girl at Ferrucio Junction or Queen's Gate,
b. buy Imported Pasta and Parmesan Cheese from Camille at Port of Coimbra, and
c. hunt for meat from the Boars at Cathari Falls.
Return to Panfilo once all required items are collected to complete the Pure White Food quest.
3. Return to Andre.

Feathers of Illusion
Required level: 72
1. Talk to Andre to accept the quest.
2. Go to Bonavista River or Rion Prairie and hunt all three types of normal Cockatrices for the required quest item. It is a rare drop.
3. Return to Andre to receive Andre Janzur Character Card.

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