Monday, July 19, 2010

Granado Espada - Angie McKenzie

Angie McKenzie is the neice of Jack the Engineer, who specializes in all Construction and the Trap stance. But she is unable to have general combat.

Character Stats:

STR - 40
AGI - 60
HP - 50
DEX - 60
INT - 50
CHA - 40

Starting level: 20

Personal Skill: Remove Construction
-deconstructs all structures

Armor Types: Leather(Scout)

(based on equipped weapon)

(Hammer) - Install trap | Construction | Structure Build

Recruitment Quest:

Required level: none
1. Talk to Angie at the Reboldoeux Queen's Gate.
2. Go to King's Garden or Cathari Falls and hunt Skeletons (Skullic Villians) for 50 quest items.
3. Return to Angie and talk to her to start an instanced mission. Protect Angie and her constructions from the mobs to proceed.
4. Talk to Angie again to start another instanced mission, and destroy all the rocks to proceed.
5. Talk to Angie and give her 175 Reboldoeux Return Sheets, 175 Coimbra Return Sheets, and 175 Auch Return Sheets. The Return Sheets are available from the cash shop.
6. Talk to Angie to accept a new quest.
7. Go to King's Garden or Tetra Hills and hunt Lazim Lams for the required 50 quest items.
8. Return to Angie.
9. Go to City of Auch and talk to Jean-pierre Gascon.
10. Talk to Angie for the last time to receive Angie Character Card.

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