Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Granado Espada - Ania

Ania is an orphan that became cold and distant following the loss of her parents to the Great Explosion that shocked the Errac and Caebolan Regions. She has devoted her remaining days to protecting Zeia from the infestation that followed her travesty.

Character Stats:

STR - 60
AGI - 80
HP - 60
DEX - 60
INT - 30
CHA - 30

Starting level: 60
Personal Skill: none
Armor types: Leather(Fighter)

(based on equipped weapon)

(Tonfa) - Bareknuckle

Blunt - Back Guard

Blunt+Blunt - Combatant

Tonfa+Tonfa - Gorgeous[expert]

Recruitment Quest:
Prerequisite: talked to Queen Hamaan using Emilia/Emilia the Sage

1. Talk to Ania.
2. Go to D2 of Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to the Burgundy Palace Guard to start an instanced mission, defeat Louis Arsene the 3rd. Nar and Ania will be present for assistance. Louis is lvl115 and has 59AR. He will summon his companions into combat when his hitpoints fall to 75%, 50%, and 25%, but killing Arsene is enough. Louis has several debuff attacks, including one that prevents item consumption for a long time, so be prepared. (Nar and Ania have plenty of hitpoints in this mission, so they can help with tanking Louis. It is unlikely for them to die, but accidents do happen, and if either of them does die, the mission will fail.) (For the story buffs out there, Calyce will have some special things to say if you bring her along for this mission.)
3. Talk to Ania to receive Ania Character Card.

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