Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Granado Espada - Catherine

Catherine is the daughter of Dr. Torsche. She died when she was just a child but Dr. Torsche created an automated robot to revive her. She can use the unique skill, Marionette.

Character Stats:

STR - 50
AGI - 50
HP - 50
DEX - 50
INT - 50
CHA - 80

Starting level: 1
Personal Skill: Release Summons
Armor types: Leather(Generic), Robe, Coat(Wizard)

(based on equipped weapon)

(Controller) Marionette

Recruitment Quest
Required level: 57

1. Go to E3 of Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Reception Hall and click on the door to start an instanced mission, defeat the Victor inside to proceed.
2. Talk to Roseanne and ask for directions to the Grand Library to receive a farming quest. Hunt Sasha, Llyod, and Walter in the Reception Hall to collect the 200 quest items.
3. Return to Roseanne.
4. Go to the Butler's Room in Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Grand Library, and talk to Kamen.
5. Talk to Roseanna to receive another farming quest. Hunt Helena, Haunted Book, and Haunted Desk in the Grand Library to receive the various quest items required.
6. Return to Roseanne.
7. Talk to Kamen.
8. Go to I10 of the Reception Hall and click on the painting on the wall to receive the Red Ribbon. (This step can be done anytime, even before the completion of previous steps.)
9. Return to Kamen and ask for directions to the Laboratory.
10. Go to F4 of the Grand Library and click on the door to start an instanced mission. There are some mobs inside, but it is not necessary to fight them. Mission is accomplished once the timer runs out.
11. Talk to Dr. Torsche and go through all the dialogue options to receive a new quest.
12. Talk to Kamen and ask him about Catherine to receive the required quest item.
13. Return to Dr. Torsche to start an instanced mission. Talk to Dr. Torsche inside the mission and watch some drama.
14. Talk to Dr. Torsche again to receive another quest.
15. Talk to Kamen to receive the required quest item.
16. Return to Dr. Torsche to receive the final quest to assemble Catherine.
17. Collect all of Catherine's parts from various mobs in Dr. Torsche Mansion. Specific parts are dropped by specific mob.
a. Llyod - Left Arm, Left Hand, Pelvis
b. Sasha - Left Foot, Left Leg
c. Walter - Right Arm, Right Hand, Heart
d. Helena - Right Foot, Right Leg, Chest
e. Hollow Footman Captain, Victor, Forgotten Victor - Pelvis
f. various - Refined Quartz (optional)
18. Return to Dr. Torsche once all parts are collected. To recruit Catherine of Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence, choose to insert the Heart and tune Catherine to the corresponding stat. To recruit the summoner Catherine, choose to insert a Refined Quartz instead of the Heart (The option to insert Refined Quartz will only show up if at least one piece of Refined Quartz is present in the inventory).

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