Thursday, July 22, 2010

Granado Espada - Kurt Lyndon

Kurt Lyndon was the commander of the Immortal troop in the 3 Year War. He came to the New World in trouble with Lyndon and became the head of the Baron. He has a high value point and strong ATK, and can summon the Grim Reaper as his main skill.

Character Stats:

STR - 70
AGI - 70
HP - 60
DEX - 50
INT - 30
CHA - 50

Starting Level: 60
Personal Skill: Summon Black Grim Reaper
Consumes: 300 SP, 20 Magical Orb
-Summons Black Grim Reaper
Armors: Leather(Fighter),

(based on equipped weapon)

none - Bareknuckle

Rapier - Epee Garde of Grim

Rapier + Main-gauche - Main-gauche Garde of Grim

Rapier + Pistol - Avance Garde of Grim

Rapier + Rapier - Rapiere of Grim [e]

Sabre - Grim Guard

Sabre + Pistol - Heaven or Hell of Grim

Recruitment: Cash only

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