Thursday, July 22, 2010

Granado Espada - M'Boma

M'Boma is a magician from Illier, he has the ability to use both wizardy and elemental magic. He also has a personal skill of Magic Weapon Crafting.

Character Stats:

STR - 30
AGI - 30
HP - 60
DEX - 40
INT - 70
CHA - 70

Starting level: 44
Personal Skill: Magic Weapon Crafting
Armor types: Robe, Coat(Wizard)

(based on equipped weapon)

(Fire Bracelet) - Possession Fire

Fire Bracelet + Fire/Skullic - Evocation Fire | Domination Fire[veteran]

(Staff/Special Rod) - Illusionist

Staff/Special Rod - Levitation | Darkness[expert]

Staff - Anathema[veteran]

Recruitment Quest:
Required level: 44

1. Talk to M'Boma and accept his request.
2. Go to Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to Panfilo to accept a new quest.
3. Go to Jezebel Glen or Porto Bello and hunt Crate Octopuses and Barrel Octopuses for the quest item.
4. Return to Panfilo.
5. Talk to M'Boma.
6. Talk to M'Boma again and accept the challenge to start an instanced mission, defeat level46 Claude and level46 M'Boma to proceed. (M'Boma is a flying unit)
7. Talk to M'Boma to receive M'Boma Character Card.

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