Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Granado Espada - Nar

Nar is a warrior of Zeia, he left his past behind and chose the path of a warrior to protect Hamaan and the Land of Zeia.

Character Stats:

STR - 80
AGI - 50
HP - 70
DEX - 30
INT - 30
CHA - 40

Starting level: 60
Personal Skill: none
Armor types: Leather(Fighter), Metal


none - Bareknuckle

Blunt -Back Guard

Blunt+Blunt - Combatant

Crescent - Semilunar[expert]

Recruitment Quest:

Rescue Errac / Rescue Ania
1. Talk to Nar to start an instanced mission involving combat, kill all mobs as quickly as possible to prevent Nar from dying, and stay alive for the duration of the mission to proceed.
2. Talk to Nar again to start another instanced mission involving combat, rush onto the platform and kill all mobs before they kill Ania.
3. Talk to Nar.

Confidence Recovery
1. Go to Port of Coimbra and talk to Emilia.
2. Return to Errac and talk to the Captain.
3. Hunt the required mobs:
a. 50 Kobold Crutches in Land of Day
b. 10 Kobold Elders in Occulta Dungeon.
*The entrance to Occulta Dungeon is located at E/F9 of Land of Day & Night. 3 Ancient Runes of Ti are needed if the dungeon is to be entered from the Land of Day and 3 Ancient Runes of Te are needed if the dungeon is to be entered from the Land of Night. These runes are rare item drops from the Werebears. (5 runes are required for versions prior to v4.5.)
4. Return to the Captain.
5. Talk to Nar to receive his Character Card.

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