Sunday, July 25, 2010

Granado Espada Pioneering Quest - Sedecram

Sedecram Pioneering Quest

Prerequisite: completed Bahama Pioneering Quest

1. Go to Tierra Putrefacta via the Grotto from Marshland side Bahama Underground Cave (the transition to Tierra Putrefacta will be present only if the Giant Keeper is defeated).
2. Walk over B4/C4 at the top-left of the map to receive a quest mail.
3. Go to the House of the Witch and talk to Leonara.
4. Go to Bahama Base Camp and talk to Igorni.
5. Return to Leonara.
6. Return to Tierra Putrefacta and walk over B4/C4, E7, and D8 to receive the quest items.
7. Return to Igorni.
8. Go to Interna de Gigante and walk over H3/H2 to start a non-combat instance.
9. Go to the Warp Gate and hand over 10 Pieces of Amethyst to enter the next area (Pieces of Amethyst are rare drops from Vespanola Soldiers, Bacchanlia, and Acorchado).
10. Walk over E8 to start an instance combat (you can keep running if you have difficulty handling the mobs, the other NPCs will kill the mob for you).
11. Walk over H3/H2 again to start another non-combat instance.
12. Go to the Warp Gate and hand over 10 Pieces of Amethyst to enter the next area again.
13. Walk over H10 to start another combat instance (the combat here is optional as well). At the end of the combat, walk over the green arrow to continue with the rest of the story.
14. Return to Igorni.

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