Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Granado Espada - Reboldoeux Soldier

Reboldoeux Soldier is the one responsible for the security in the City of Reboldeaux. He uses Sword and Polearm stances like those of Fighters.

Character Stats:

STR - 60
AGI - 50
HP - 60
DEX - 40
INT - 30
CHA - 30

Starting level: 1
Personal Skill: none
Armor types: Leather(Fighter), Metal

(based on equipped weapon)

none - Bareknuckle

Sword/Blunt(+Shield) - Back Guard

Sword - Equites[expert]

Sword+Shield - High Guard

Blunt+Shield - Defender[veteran] | Crusader[expert]

Polearm - Blandir Cruz | Penetrar Cruz | Mighty Cruz[veteran] | Tronada Cruz[expert]

Recruitment Quest:
Reboldoeux Soldier Character Card will be given after the completion of the Tutorial Quest.

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