Thursday, July 22, 2010

Granado Espada - Reckless Emilia

Character Stats:

STR - 30
AGI - 60
HP - 30
DEX - 55
INT - 85
CHA - 65

Starting level: 1
Personal Skill: Safe Guard
Cast invulnerability to self, mspd +20% and mspd cap removed, skills disabled
-level 10 : 10s duration
-level 11 : 15s duration
-level 12 : 15s duration
Armor types: Coat(Wizard)

(based on equipped weapon)

(Rod/Staff/Special Rod) - Psychokinesis

Rod/Special Rod - ESP

Rod - Incantation[veteran]

Staff/Special Rod - Illusionist

Staff - Anathema[veteran]

Rod/Staff/Special Rod - Levitation | Madness[expert]

Recruitment Quest:
Prerequisite : Completed Master's Martial Arts constellation stance quest, Jean-Pierre Gascon (any level)

1. Go to any major town with Jeane-Pierre in MCC team to trigger the quest mail automatically.
2. With Jeane-Pierre in MCC team, go to C8 of Port of Coimbra to enter Emilia's Research Center to start an instanced mission.
3. The mission is 15 minutes long, including approximately 1 to 2 minutes of NPC drama at the beginning.
Within the mission:
a. Defeat Reckless Emilia within the time limit. Reckless Emilia has the following stats:
Reckless Emilia (lvl135)
human / soft / none / medium
hp: 2,944,080
AR / ATK: 69 / 7370
DR / DEF: 69 / 177
RES: 50 all
b. With Jeane-Pierre as leader, talk to Emilia.
c. Talk to Emilia again to receive Reckless Emilia Character Card.

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