Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Granado Espada - Rescue Knight

The Rescue Knights are a neutral force that protects and aids injured pioneers. They use Defending Guard and Defending Shot stance. They can use the unique skill Resuscitation.

Character Stats:

STR - 60
AGI - 50
HP - 70
DEX - 60
INT - 30
CHA - 30

Starting level: 52
Personal Skill: Resuscitation
Armor types: Leather(Fighter), Metal

(based on equipped weapon)

none - Bareknuckle

Sword - Defending Guard

Rifle/Bayonet - Defending Shot | Flintlock[expert]

Recruitment Quest:
(The quests to recruit Rescue Knight, Romina, and Grandice are interwoven with the Ustiur main quest)

Queen of Pioneer, Grandice
Required level: 75
1. Go to Ustiur Base Camp by taking the Pinta ship from Port of Coimbra.
2. Talk to Grandice.
Captain Romina
Required level: 78
1. Talk to Romina

Material Supply / Food Supply
(There are two separate quests here, but both can be carried out concurrently)
1. Talk to Marcelino to receive the Material Supply quest.
2. Talk to Estevan to receive the Food Supply quest.
3. Go to Zona Uno and hunt Jungle Velociraptors for the required quest items.
4. Talk to Marcelino and Estevan once both hunts are completed.

Base Attack
1. Talk to Grandice to start an instanced mission involving combat. In the mission, stay near the starting point and defeat any enemy that comes close. Survive the duration of the mission to proceeed. (If you fail the mission, you will have to repeat the Food and Material Supply quests above.)
2. Talk to Grandice.

The Tyrannosaurus / Exploring the New Land
1. Go to Zona Dos and click on the area transition to Zona Tres to start an instanced mission, defeat the level92 Tyrannosaurus and pick up the Tyranno Fang to proceed.
2. Return to Grandice.

The Missing Scout Team
1. Talk to Romina.
2. Go to B3 of Zona Tres and click on the area transition to Skullic Nest to start an instanced mission, defeat all the mobs and talk to the Rescue Knight resting by the column in front of entrance to the Skullic Nest.
3. Return to Romina.

Report to Grandice / Conflict
1. Talk to Grandice.
2. Talk to Romina to start an instanced mission to watch some e-drama.
3. Talk to Romina again to receive Rescue Knight Character Card.

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