Sunday, July 25, 2010

Granado Espada Stance - First Aid

First Aid is a healing stance which allows the user to heal HP and cure abnormal conditions.

This stance is available for: Scout, Emilia Giannino, Emilia the Sage, Viki Arnest

Required weapon to trigger the stance: (Rosario)
Required level: 24
Prerequisite Stance: none
Max level bonus: +5% evasion

Prerequisite: First Aid level 1
Description: Cure various abnormal diseases that might afflict team members.
Cost to cast: 25 SP, 1 Antidote

Skill Details:

level 1 : removes [Darkness] status
level 2 : removes [Darkness] status
level 3 : removes [Darkness] status
level 4 : removes [Darkness] and [Poison] statuses
level 5 : removes [Darkness] and [Poison] statuses
level 6 : removes [Darkness], [Poison], and [Fear] statuses
level 7 : removes [Darkness], [Poison], and [Fear] statuses
level 8 : removes [Darkness], [Poison], [Fear], and [Sleep] statuses
level 9 : removes [Darkness], [Poison], [Fear], and [Sleep] statuses
level 10 : removes [Darkness], [Poison], [Fear], [Sleep], and [Freeze] statuses
level 11 : removes [Darkness], [Poison], [Fear], [Sleep], and [Freeze] statuses
level 12 : removes [Darkness], [Poison], [Fear], [Sleep], and [Freeze] statuses

Prerequisite: First Aid level 8
Description: Heals a character who is incapable of combat.
Cost to cast: 25 SP, 1 Resurrective Potion

Skill Details:

level 1 : target revived with 5% of mHP
level 2 : target revived with 10% of mHP
level 3 : target revived with 15% of mHP
level 4 : target revived with 20% of mHP
level 5 : target revived with 25% of mHP
level 6 : target revived with 30% of mHP
level 7 : target revived with 35% of mHP
level 8 : target revived with 40% of mHP
level 9 : target revived with 45% of mHP
level 10 : target revived with 50% of mHP
level 11 : target revived with 55% of mHP
level 12 : target revived with 60% of mHP

Cure All
Prerequisite: First Aid level 12
Description: Restores a large amount of an ally's HP.
Cost to cast: 50 SP, 1 Healing Liquor

Mass Cure
Prerequisite: First Aid level 16
Description: Fully recovers the HP of all team members.
Cost to cast: 100 SP, 3 Healing Potion

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