Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Granado Espada - Tiburon

Tiburon is a boy part of the second generation settlers in the New World. Tiburon has the same ability of Ramiro, he has low HP but possesses high attack speed.

Character Stats:

STR - 50
AGI - 80
HP - 40
DEX - 50
INT - 50
CHA - 30

Starting level: 16
Personal Skill: Sprint
Armor types: Leather(Fighter)

(based on equipped weapon)
none - Bareknuckle

Main-gauche - Back Guard | Middle Guard | Low Guard[veteran]

Main-gauche+Main-gauche - Bloody Feast[expert]

Sword - Plow Guard | Tail Guard | Sidewinder[veteran] | Hanging Guard[expert]

Recruitment Quest:

Finder's Keepers
Required level: 50
1. Talk to Lorch and accept his request.
2. Go to Grandice Arcade and walk over the E7 near the bench.
3. Talk to all the NPCs nearby, including those around the PVP Officer.
4. Talk to the Girl in front of the PVP Officer to receive the next clue.
5. Go to F5 and talk to the Boy.
6. Go to J7 and talk to Tiburon (the Backstreet Boy).
There are two options:
a. Pay 200,000 vis, or
b. Pay 20,000 vis to start an instanced mission, defeat Tiburon (and Ramiro and Isabella if they appear) to proceed.
7. Talk to Tiburon again to receive Tiburon Character Card as well as the required quest item.

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