Thursday, December 2, 2010

RF Online Accretia Classes - Battle Leader

Description: The main battle supplier for the Accretian Empire, their unique ability to increase the speed of their allies and decrease the defense of their opponents makes them invaluable in combat situations.

Required Level: 40


Nimble Joint

Description: Grants a temporary increase to an ally's run speed.

Skill Type: Cast Buff

FP Cost: 90 FP

Cool Down: 20 seconds

Level Up: Faster run speed, longer duration

Solid Mode

Description: Grants a massive temporary increase to self defense rating at the cost of reduced mobility.

Skill Type: Self Buff

FP Cost: 90 FP

Cool Down: 60 seconds

Level Up: Higher defense

Gauge Down

Description: Reduces an enemy's Defense level.

Skill Type: Utility

FP Cost: 90 FP

Cool Down: 60 seconds

Level Up: Greater Def Gauge decrease

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