Thursday, December 2, 2010

RF Online Accretia Classes - Destroyer

Destroyer is type of warrior, which are the main force for the Accretian Empire. They have a similar with other race’s warrior class but their unique class skills make it all the difference. They are specialized in close-range combat and they are the most powerful warriors among all 3 races.



Description: Sends the user into frenzy, disrupting the actions of nearby enemies.

Skill Type: Offensive Skill

Required Level: 30

FP Cost: 0 FP

Cool Down: 20 seconds

Level Up: No Effect

Shield Battery

Description: Increases the HP regeneration rate of all group members.

Skill Type: Self Buff

Required Level: 30

FP Cost: 60 FP

Cool Down: 10 seconds

Level Up: Longer duration and more HP regeneration

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