Thursday, December 2, 2010

RF Online Character Classes

Each race has four base classes: Warrior, Ranger, Spiritualist, and Specialist, with the exception of the Accretia who do not have Spiritualists. Warriors usually specialize in melee attacks, Rangers usually specialize in ranged attacks, Spiritualists are force users, and Specialists have varying abilities depending on their race.

At level 30, characters may undergo class advancement by talking to their Race Manager. The character can select to become any level-30 class they want, although it’s probably in their best interest to pick one that logically follows their style of play and PT levels. For example, if your Cora spent the first 30 levels focusing on magic use, it would probably not be such a great idea to become a Knight at level 30. At level 40, characters change class yet again, further specializing their role and style of play. If they so choose, a player can choose a secondary level 30 class in place of a level 40 class.

Each specialized class offers certain bonuses to PT gain and 3 unique class skills. Note that level 30 class skills and abilities are not lost upon advancement to a level 40 class. Should the need arise, players can always change their character's class by paying the Race Manager a fee, so, one can play a variety of classes and choose whichever one suits them best.

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