Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RF Online Game Features - Chip War

Chip War is the term used for the all-out (RvRvR) war, battle for the resources of mines, among the three races. The event occurs three times a day, every eight hours and last in a maximum time of two hours and fifty minutes. The war is led by the leader of the race known as Archon, and the goal is to break at least one of the control chip of the opposing race. Once a chip was broken, the last player who has dealt blow on the chip must deliver it at the core of the mine caverns. The winning race obtains the right to control the Holystone Keeper, the guardian of the mines, and must defend the guardian, or risk losing his guardianship over players who wish to mine for resources until the next chip war. In addition, only characters that able to obtain a Holy Mental Scanner during the battle will be recognized by the guardian as a valid member of the controlling race.

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