Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RF Online Game Features - Economic System

The game’s economy is divided into two parts, production and consumption. Mineral resources are the main source of production in Novus. This mineral is produced in a mine field which can be obtain through mining, and the processing products of these minerals produce many kinds of items to support each race’s economic activity. The mine forms one of the base conflicts within the three races, this conflict is then decided by a war, known as the Chip War, the race that wins the war will eventually own the mine field. Also, the race will benefit from a lower tax rate, which increases the payback of gold to local currency exchange of your race. If your race does not have control of the central mining area of the Crag Mine, your race will experience an increased tax rate on the exchange rate, which means buying gold will be more expensive and you will get less local currency for your gold.

Each race has its own racial currency – Dallant for Bellato, Disena for Cora and CP for Accretia, these currencies serves as individual money which is used to purchase items and equipments on the NPC vendor located at different maps. Players can exchange their currencies for gold to the Coin Exchange NPC which is present in every race HQ. This NPC also provides players with all the current economic standing and the current state of the market which are illustrated in charts. The illustration includes the tax rate indication of the current exchange rate charges of converting gold to the local currency and vice versa.

There are so many things that can shape the games’ economy and affect your race’s currency. Trading also draws the economic cycle of the race, it can be a good source of earning racial currency, by trading your items with another player’s money. Farming is another way to earn resources, items and racial currency in this game. Farming is a method of killing monsters to obtain loots or booty items which you can sell to the NPC vendor to earn racial currencies. There are many farming sites wherein you can get a good deal of loots, with monsters that drop loads of booty hunting items.

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