Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RF Online Game Features - Political System

Each race is led by a leader known as the Archon, which is voted into power by the race members. Below the archon follows four councillors, which are determined based on the number of votes received during the race election. They are rank-up as Consul, Strike Team leader, Defense Team leader, and Support Team leader. And each position is granted with special abilities to help their race, these abilities range from the increases in defense, increases in attack, or auras that affect the increase of the statistics of racial members around the councilor. They are also granted with special priveleges like the ability to broadcast messages to the entire race, equipped a customized armor, and a special aura similar to that of the race leader. As one can probably imagine, competition over these five slots can be fierce. The number of archon aspirants is not enough to populate the council position, only those with high racial standings, which are determined by ranks in accordance to their individual contribution points, can run for Archonship. Below is a list of each race’s ranking system:

*from rank level 1- 8

Accretai – Hastati | Principe | Triarii | Centurion | Manipel | Phalanx | Cohort | Legion

Cora – One Knot | Two Knot | Three Knot | Four Knot | Five Knot | Six Knot | Seven Knot | Eight Knot

Bellato – Singles | Doubles | Minor | Major | Caters | Royal | Conques | Maximus

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