Thursday, December 2, 2010

RF Online Game Features - PT System

Combat PT or Combat Proficiency System

Each RF Online character has 3 major stats categories – combat PT, skill PT, and level. In RF Online, Levels do not really have a major effect on how strong a character is, perhaps, it only raises HP, FP, SP and PT to maximum. Combat PT governs just how strong a character is, and is broken down into 4 to 6 areas depending on your race.

Every character has four standard combat PTs - Short Range, Long Range, Shield, and Defense. The Accretians have one additional combat PT, which is Launcher. Bellato has their two additional combat PTs, which are Force and Unit, and Cora has Force and Summoning as their unique combat PTs. Whenever you perform an action, the corresponding PT rises. For example, if you hit an enemy or a monster with a knife, your short range PT will go up.

Depending on a character's level and class, their combat PTs are capped at a certain point. As the character advances in level, their PT caps also rise, allowing them to become stronger and stronger. Unlike other MMORPGs, it is important that players do not rush through levels - they should keep their various combat PTs close to their caps whenever possible. Remember, levels do not directly affect how strong a character is - levels only raise PT caps. If a character levels too quickly without raising their appropriate PTs, they will find it extremely difficult to raise those PTs at a later time, at worst maybe even impossible.

Short Range PT (all races and class)

*Effects – Damage done by short/close range weapons (knife, axe, spear, sword, mace), the ability to equip certain short range weapons, and the ability to equip warrior armor.

Long Range PT (all races and class)

*Effects - Damage done with long range weapons (bow, gun, firearm, throwing knife), the ability to equip certain long range weapons, stamina and force points, and the ability to equip ranger armor.

Shield PT (all races and classes)

*Effects – Shield block rate and ability to equip certain shields.

Defense PT (all races and classes)

*Effects – Increases maximum HP level.

Force PT (Bellato and Cora only)

*Effects – Damage done with force skills, force points, the ability to equip certain staves, and the ability to equip spiritualist armor.

Launcher PT (Accretia only)

*Effects – Damage done with Accretian rocket launchers and the ability to equip them, and launcher armors.

Summoning PT (Cora only)

*Effects – Increases the strengths of all summoned Animus.

Unit (Bellato only)

*Effects – Enable to pilot MAUs

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