Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RF Online Game Features

RF Online emphasizes the three- way Race vs. Race vs. Race battling concept of traditional swords and sorcery plus the modern technology of mechanical and nuclear weapons. The game is set with a lot of unique game mechanics and features in order for the players to fully experience the intense RvRvR battle in the Novus Sector. This game feature includes the Levelling System, PvP Battle, Economic System, Political System and the main Chip War event.

At the start of the game, as with many MMORPG’s the player will choose one race and create a character to fight monster and gain experience points in order to level. A character will be first led through an in-game guide for the basic commands of the game. Then the character will undergo a series of quest for him to familiarize the race headquarters and main maps, and as the characters level progresses it will be introduced to aggressive maps, wherein he will be exposed to the player killing features of the game.

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