Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RF Online Races - Cora

The Holy Alliance Cora is a spiritual civilisation with a firm belief in religion that emphasizes magical arts and mysticism. The Corites have organized their society according to their faith to Decem and his will of transforming oblivion into beauty by enforcing his teachings. The Corites' belief that their bodies are shrines to Decem has led to an almost narcissistic love of physical beauty, needed to nurtured as an act of communion with their deity. They have been granted mystical abilities far more than any other races, possessing proficiency in the use of Darkling Force magic given by their god. Although the history of the Cora was created on multiple states and nations due to long years of religious wars, the country is strongly unified through their core religious belief which forms their Alliance. The Cora peoples unity as a Holy Alliance, now battle for their survival using the magical powers drawn from their spiritual beliefs, and blessed traditional weapons by their god, Decem.

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